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Solved: xl0: watchdog timeout with 2.9 and 3c905C-TX-M


The NIC is working now. First i disabled the onboard sound which moved the NIC's IRQ from 5 to 9 -- still no luck.
Then i swapped the NIC with the PCI-VGA Card. IRQ is still 9 but it works now! Strange!
Also, the install kernel ran without problem as did the linux kernel.

Thanks to all who helped and i'll take a closer look into the archives next time. I did a google search and it revealed only some rather old posts which dealt with older kernels.

Idar Tollefsen wrote:

I have installed OpenBSD 2.9 on a 1.3GHz Athlon machine today. The
install went without problems.
But after reboot i keep getting "xl0: watchfog timeout" messages on the
console and the machine has no connectivity.
Since i did the install over the network from anf ftp server, the NIC
can't be the problem.


Try this and just follow the thread with "next in thread":


- IT

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