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One disk, two openbsd partitions?

I recently decied to make more space for my openbsd installation on my multiboot machine (Win98, BeOS, OBSD) so i deleted an old extended dos partition and figured i'd use that as a second OpenBSD partition.
However, things are not as simple as I thought...
Making the 3rd parttion OpenBSD in fdisk worked fine but disklabel dont like it.
After I deleted the old extended dos partitions (wd0k & wd0l) I can NOT add a k partition (a k). Disklabel tells me there is no space left on the device wich i presume is because it wants to add it to the first (partion 1) OBSD partition.
Is it at all possible to have 2 OpenBSd partitions on one physical disk or will I have to perform some tedious PartitionMagic etc stuff?