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Re: Kmem_map panics again

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 06:54:34PM -0700, Matt Mohebbi wrote:
> After following Henning Brauer's suggestion of increasing MAX_KMAP and
> MAX_KMAPENT I am still getting the same kernel panics (out of space
> in kmem_map). I have tried doubling the values he suggested and while the
> the frequency of the panics has decreased, it still is happening every 2
> days or so.

Well, if the kernel complies about "out of space in KMEM_MAP" it still seems
to small...

I'd really appreciate if someone could explain this KMEM_MAP magic. I don't
understand 100% what this is for. I'd also appreciate if someone could
explain the comment about limiting MAX_KMAPENT to 1000.



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