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Re: NIC's

I change one NIC, but the problem continues.... I found other solution...

I detected that the problem is in configuring two NIC's in the instalation procedure.... I configuring one NIC and not have problem,

After instalation finish, I connect other NIC (3COM too) and reboot system... the openBSD detect the NIC as xl1 and system is ok!

I'm with difficulties for configure xl1....


ifconfig xl1 inet netmask

and system say:

server#  SIOCAIFADDR: File Exists

I can't ping the

The other NIC, configured in the instalation with IP is ok!!! (xl0)

Sorry... my english is bad!



At 10:38 17/7/2001 -0500, you wrote:
On Tuesday, July 17, 2001, at 09:47 AM, Nickolay Kuzmin wrote:

I believe it has to be more subtle than several NICs of the same type,
as I have successfully installed several multihomed boxes with 3c905s,
including as many as 4 NICs from the same batch and all present at
the install time.

The fellow with the problem with several identical NICs had discovered that they were REALLY identical NICs, down to the hardware address!
This was a manufacturing error and he returned them, if I recall. It is unlikely this particular problem has raised its head again.


Now, I need to configure other NIC manualy... how to configure???
Somebody else was having the same problem not that long ago.  Something
to do with using the same type of network cards.  Might want to look in
the Archives on that one.