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Re: in search of MidnightCommander...

On 16, Jul, 2001 at 12:42:13PM +0200, Sebastian Stark wrote:
> Alexander Farber (EED) wrote:
> > andreas_(_dot_)_bichmann_(_at_)_kiosk_(_dot_)_ch wrote:
> > > I used Linux and was addicted to Midnight Commander...
> > Anyway you can download and compile it yourself. And try
> > using --without-subshell configure switch if it hangs.
> Or simply remove the BROKEN= line from the Makefile. But remember, it is
> Not the port is broken, mc itself is broken (I can remember a gnome guy
> saying that you should not use mc/gmc as root)
> I think most people asking for mc didn't read the manual of their shell
> and how to bring it to its full strength and power
> (that is use of completion, pushd/popd, functions, scriplets, subshells,
> aliases, bindkey and so on...)

I agree, I came to OpenBSD from Linux too, missed mc and learned the
shell. When I found out I could comment the BROKEN line out in the
Makefile I installed mc and ignored it!

I have konqueror installed too, but I only use it as browser, not
file manager, the shell is better for 99% of my "file management".

So, learn your shell (try zsh!), andreas_(_dot_)_bichmann_(_at_)_kiosk_(_dot_)_ch, you won't
regret it. :-)


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