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RE: TNT2 Cards Fade Away!

I'm trying to "convert" myself to OpenBSD from linux and have stumbled
across the problem mentioned in the heading. Basicly if I start X and
either ALT+CTRL+Fx back to console or kill X my console text fades,
after two or three times its completely unreadable.  I've tried to do the
right thing and check the faq + search the previous archives and I
came across


 However, I haven't been able to find a fix posted anywhere.  Before I
 discovered the above link I removed OpenBSD 2.9 and reinstalled
 slackware linux 8.0 as i thought I may have a dodgy vid card.  This
 problem was not apparent in slackware.  Has there been a fix posted
 for this?  Humble appologies if so, but I couldn't find one.  I do
 NOT wish to purchase a new vid card as this one works fine under
 other OS's.

Best regards,
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