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Re: SiS 900 NICs?

sad that I dont have anymore the MB,
but it was exactly this ASUS all in one
Socket 370 f.PIII/Celeron, 
SIS 630E AGPset 
2Dimm Sockets , 1 PCI, 1PCI/AMR Shared
C-Media 8738 PCI Audio Controller
5 USB, 1 Parallel, 2Seriell , PS/2
Flex ATX Form Factor

in two of the modifications:
SIS and Realtek the NIC worked perfect

ok I didn't test them hardly, just 
recompiling the OBSD current remotely

I didn't notice any problem so I also don't have
the dmesg :(
if anybody is interested I'll try to find again one
to send the dmesg