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Re: mount point cluestick please (newbie question)

At 22:16 08.07.01 -0800, James Zuelow wrote:
>Filesystem    Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
>/dev/sd0a     496M    27M   445M     6%    /
>/dev/sd0d     248M   2.0K   236M     0%    /tmp
>/dev/sd0e     248M    23M   212M    10%    /var
>/dev/sd0f     124M   1.0K   117M     0%    /usr/X11R6
>/dev/sd0g     496M   373M    99M    79%    /usr
>/dev/sd0h     496M   6.6M   465M     1%    /home
>/dev/cd0a     647M   647M     0B   100%    /mnt/cdrom

Also, you may want to give / no more than 50M (see faq4) and the 
other part (about 450M) to /usr -- in case you want to install sources, 
ports one day.

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