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Re: difficult installation with other OS on the same disk

* Richard_(_dot_)_Cattien_(_at_)_infineon_(_dot_)_com <Richard_(_dot_)_Cattien_(_at_)_infineon_(_dot_)_com> [2001-07-09]:
> So now my question: is there a known way of how
> to install the three OS' on _one_ harddrive? I'm
> a little confused about what OpenBSD really needs.

You need a primary partition for OpenBSD. Beware however, that BSD uses
slices(?) and partitions. This is different from the windows and linux
world. You might want to check the FAQ (section 4 and/or 14) to get some
insight into this.

> Another one: Is OpenBSD able to read FAT32 file-
> systems? If yes, i would like to make a "data fat32




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