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RE: difficult installation with other OS on the same disk

Keep Windows first on your primary partition, OpenBSD is, and Linux should be able to operate from wherever you place their partitions. Then use some of the bootmanagers mentioned in the FAQ for booting purposes.

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Subject: difficult installation with other OS on the same disk


I want to install OpenBSD 2.9 along with Windows 98
and Debian GNU/Linux on the same harddisk. First
I thaught that I easily can install OpenBSD in an
extended DOS partition, ... well, a look into the
archieves of this list showed me that this is not
possible. The INSTALL.i386 document couldn't help
me out really.

So now my question: is there a known way of how
to install the three OS' on _one_ harddrive? I'm
a little confused about what OpenBSD really needs.

I need at least two primary partitions, one for
windows and one for /boot in Debian GNU/Linux.

I'm sure somebody has done this before, maybe this
case is documented somewhere? I haven't found
something particular in the mailing list archieves.

Another one: Is OpenBSD able to read FAT32 file-
systems? If yes, i would like to make a "data fat32
filesystem", to use it with all installed OS', for
mp3's and stuff like that.

thank you for any hints, or links to helpful


PS: I'm new to this list, hello everyone :) I'm
    from Munich/Germany, 21 Years old, please
    excuse me, for the maybe sometimes bad
    english ...