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Re: IPNAT performance problem - was poor performance

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 05:11:20PM -0400, Gary MacKay wrote:
> Hmm, watching this thread has me worried. I switched most of my clients
> to OpenBSD because it is said to be the "best thing since sliced bread".

Even given IPNats performance problems its after all still better than
everything else I had a look at. I'd never come to the idea to try the
project I had to drop due to IPNats performance problems with linux.

> Now I see this type of thing and wonder if I made the right choice.
> Granted, this has next to nothing to do with security, which is what
> OpenBSD is best at, but still. I was looking for a total solution.
> Please, no flames, I'm very serious, now that linux has iptables, should
> I switch back? At least until the new 'pf' is available? I need a
> solution that provides both, speed and security. Well, and doesn't cost
> a zillion bucks! 

No, until PF is available OpenBSD + IPFilter is the best option available

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