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Re: symmetric key encryption utilities

Curtis Collicutt <curtis_(_at_)_ghostitm_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> Hi all,

> Otherwise, with a password the keyspace of the
> cipher gets reduced to whatever the size is of the passphrase,

(This doesn't solve Your problem, but maybe interests You nevertheless):

If You use a symmetric cipher with 128 Bit Key, Your keyspace will 
be 2^128. If You use random ASCII Characters in Your passphrase, you
will need x Characters, where 2^128=128^x, therefore x=128/log_2 128,
therefore x=18.3 

Of course, when using english words, you need more than that.

If You use gpg with asymmetric encryption, you can generate a key
without passphrase.

Hope it helps.


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