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DHCP server hanging on ADSL: How to pass the name server to DHCP-clients?


my gateway computer is connected to ADSL and gets to know
the name servers via the line "enable dns" in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
(ie. the ppp-program seems to enter the DNS-addresses into the
/etc/resolv.conf). I'm trying to run a dhcpd on the gateway,
and the dhclient on the other computer seems to get the leased
IP fine (it's usually, but the internet connection 
still doesn't work (I get "no route to yahoo.de" from lynx).

The file /etc/dhclient.conf (on the client computer) is empty 
and here's my /etc/dhcpd.conf (located at the gateway):

  shared-network LOCAL-NET {
          option  domain-name "dyndns.org";
          #option  domain-name-servers,;

          subnet netmask {
                  option routers;


I've commented the "domain-name-servers" above out, because 
they are assigned dynamically. So how do you handle this please?

Thank you

PS: Nick Holland posted a check-list for making a computer 
networked (a file list) - but I can't find it in the archive...