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3c509 (was: Bizarre NIC problems (resolution))

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 09:59:38PM +0100, Lawrence W. Smith wrote:
> > What difference did the "server" option make for you?
> We are swerving OT but again with 3c509's the server option resulted
> in more reliability: less dropped packets etc. as well as tolerance 
> of a wider variety of driver versions (for MS OSes)

Interesting... I've been using 3c509s under Linux before and the Linux
driver README mentions something along the lines of the "Server" setting
being nothing but a hint to the driver and hence only relevant for Windows -
is OpenBSD behaving differently in that regard? (I'm asking 'cause I'm now
using those 3c509s in an OpenBSD box...).


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