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Re: safest FTP and TELNET options?

Thanks for the replies, so far.

But yes unfortunately I really do need to turn on regular old FTP and TELNET.

We do web hosting for newbies, who are just using Dreamweaver or Netscape Composer to make their first web page - and just need the simple "upload" FTP button to work.

Again - any advice from my OpenBSD buddies on how to do it safest on OpenBSD would be appreciated.

Ok - as much as I hate to - I *have* to turn on FTP and TELNET for a virtual webhosting thing I'm doing for people who don't have SSH, SFTP or RSYNC, etc...

So . . . what's the safest FTP and telnet ports on OpenBSD these days?
Or - for anyone else doing web hosting on OpenBSD - what's your approach?

Any advice or URLs appreciated.

Visit your host, monkey.org