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passing a terminal's fd


   I realize it's not OpenBSD specific, but I run OpenBSD and somebody
   in here must know.

   Basically, what I want to do is that a client passes a file
   descriptor of its terminal to a server so the server has further
   access on this terminal, even after the client quits.  I realize
   this has multiple problems, notably that the terminal will stay open
   as long as the daemon stays on (well, I _think_ so), and blah blah
   blah.  But I still want to do it.

   What I tried is :
   connect(destfd, [... to server's unix socket ...]);
   fd = open("/dev/tty", O_RDWR);	/* get my own tty */
   send_fd(destfd, fd);			/* FD passing using sendmsg() ... */
   (and send_fd(destfd, fileno(stdout)), with the same result)
   But it doesn't work.  What I think is that they share the same file
   descriptor entry, but it points to /dev/tty's vnode, which is
   dynamic and always is the process' own console. (anyways, that's
   what reading the code in /sys make me think).

   Anybody has an idea of what I could try next?  Even just a pointer
   to where I could look...

   I _could_ keep the clients in the background, writing on the
   terminal and reading data from the server on a socket, but for
   multiple reasons I would prefer not to. 

  Note: I'm not subscribed on misc@, so please CC answers to me.

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