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3 NIC's in 1 computer?


I have 3 NIC's in my computer here, there are no conflicts and the
cards are recognized by the kernel. However as I do not own a hub or
a switch I ask myself now how to get this 3 NIC's working together.
What I want to do is the following:

1. Network Card (we0) Connected to the internet
2. Network Card (we1) Connected to the internal network (Personal
3. Network Card (we2) Connected to my FTP Server (internal network)

The we2 works, because it is programmed to a different Irq. I could
already connect from my personal machine to the internet and the
firewall and ipnat are working great. 

The only last thing I want to have working now is that the FTP
Server which is connected to the 3rd network card is integrated in
the internal network.

When I do ifconfig we2 netmask 
i get SIOCIFADDR: file exist

The IP's are as follows:

we0 dynamic IP from ISP

My Personal Computer
The FTP Server should get

until now I do not have got it working. 

Anybody any hints/ideas?


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