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Re: Upgrading 2.8->2.9 remotely (was: Re: Unstable OpenBSD box, lockups every 7 days or so)

On Sat, Jun 23, 2001 at 02:47:30PM +0100, ben_(_at_)_immunity_(_dot_)_co_(_dot_)_uk wrote:
> >I did it on a running machine that I *did* have access to. I think I
> >didn't update /dev and /etc until after I rebooted, and it still came up
> >okay.
> >
> >Yes, it is a bit scary, indeed. It might be somewhat easier to just untar
> >2.9 in place and just build your own 2.9 kernel instead of doing a full
> >``make build''. 
> make build worked very nicely in the end -- I upgraded the compiler and 
> then config before doing the kernel. It took about 80 minutes or so, but 
> the two reboots were very smooth and fast.

The fastest method of upgrading:
cd /; ftp -o - ftp://wherever/path/base29.tgz | tar xzvpf -
(same for the other tgzs if needed)
upgrade /etc and /dev, possibly /var
copy a new kernel in place

overall time should be << 10 mins on a resonable fast machine.
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