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RE: IPF and IPFW, after some night talk

--- "Peter W Mountain" <peterm_(_at_)_cavecreek_(_dot_)_net>
> wrote:
>With an attitude like yours, YOU ARE THE FLAME.

I'm sending this to the list so as to not miss
anyone. Please do not flame anyone, especially Theo,
on the list. If you must feel compelled to flame
people please do it off list. Theo and crew are
allowed to flame anyone they want on this list however,
because they own it. If you don't like Theo cross him
off your Christmas card list and stay away from places
he lurkes. But please, do not annoy the rest of us
out here by posting this garbage.

OpenBSD beleiver

P.S. I don't know Theo from Adam. But, even if he
     really was the biggest jackass to ever be born
     I really don't care. I don't care if he bites
     off the heads of hamsters while wearing womens
     lingerie. I don't use his OS because he gives me
     a warm fuzzy feeling. I use his OS because it
     works as advertised (unlike some others).

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