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Weird happenings with shlight

I recently installed shlight from ports, and was using it to mount
a file system from my win2k machine over the network. However, at one
stage, while this was mounted, the machine went down, and hence the
exported file system.
Now, from here it seems to get messy. Please bear with me, it's sort
of hard to explain. The directory '/mnt/tunes' is still there,
however, any process that attempts to touch this directory hangs, and
I have to log out and reconnect to continue. This includes the
daily/security checks. Even trying "ls -l /mnt" causes this same
problem. There are no shlight process running, and it can not be seen
in the 'mount' table, nor does lsof show anything using this file. My
process table is starting to get rather full, with all the processes
that were trying to access the directory, and seem to resist any kill
signals I send it.
Is this something that anyone has ever heard of before? Would
rebooting my machine be the only option available?
Before my daily/security checks stopped being sent completly, I did
get this error:

Setuid/device find errors:
find: /mnt/tunes: Interrupted system call

That was the last output that I received. There's nothing in my
logfiles that I can find to trace the problem at all.
Any input is appreciated.

Best regards,
 Stephen                          mailto:steve_(_at_)_inserted_(_dot_)_net