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2.8 i386 install hangs...


I'm trying to install 2.8 i386 on an Compaq Deskpro 80486 with 8 megs of
ram, via ftp, and then later, via local disk.

The installation consistently hangs after downloading 26% of the
base28.tgz package, about 5 megs worth of the file is downloaded.

I'm actually using 2 small disks--one 400 megs and the other 200.  I got
an inspired thought and downloaded all of the .tgz files to the smaller
disk and then restarted the installation, this time skipping fdisk and
disklabel for the second disk.

I then chose to install from local disk.  This got me through 96% of the
base28.tgz package.  So close!  If I skip the base28 package, I can
successfully install etc28.tgz and bsd.  The nest package is apparently
too big, though, because again, the system just hangs and has to be
powered off.

My hunch is that I need some way to enable swap before package
installation..  The FAQ gives directions for enabling swap _after_ package
installation and before MAKEDEV--I need it on before.  I think.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Jeff Ross