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Re: ipf


Does anyone know the status of IPFW regarding its
ability to exist as a filtering bridge.  This was one
feature that was lacking when I first began building
firewalls and led me to choose OpenBSD/IPF vs

I have been running a several filtering bridges for 6
months with OpenBSD 2.8 and it works like a charm.  I
was seriously looking forward to 2.9 as it fixes a few
of the serial console buglets I have encountered, but
now I am worried that ipf won't be supported (with
respect to security patches) anymore.  Will we
continue to see security related patches to the IPF in



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So, are there any reasonable second-choice alternatives?  I don't know 
of any, but maybe that's just because IPF eclipsed them previous to this?

Dear Bog in heaven, PLEASE don't say I have to go back to Linux 
firewalls... ;)

Erik Osterholm wrote:

> or just go with
> what OpenBSD will have as default.

~~~Michael Jinks, IB // Technical Entity // Saecos Corporation~~~~