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[Todd.Miller@courtesan.com: Re: hmmmm what is the future of ipf ??]

is there currently any source or patches we could/should be using to test ipfw?
i have to have firewalls in the networks that i work with, and while i have
been using OpenBSD with IPF, i will drop IPF before I drop OpenBSD.


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	so spake Generic Player (genericplayer2):

> Am I missing something here?  Why do so many people 
> say FreeBSD uses IPF?  Last I looked FreeBSD used 
> ipfw, why not use it?  I have never seen any problems
> with ipfw, where as IPF still doesn't work right.

FreeBSD ships with both ipfw and ipf.  The current plan is for
OpenBSD to transition to ipfw...

 - todd

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