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Re: i386 kernel compilation problem on 2.8 release

> Carsten, 
> I believe that to be the case. I wish that fact would have been a part 
> of the FAQ pages I read. Or did I miss something? ;)
I have it not found in the FAQ pages, maybe it's a point of interest. But I
have OpenBSD also only installed for 2 weeks

Do the following:

put in the CD 1 of OpenBSD 

then mount it (according to that your CD drive is first and only one)

mount -t cd9660 /dev/cd0a /mnt


cd /mnt

and search for a packet named comp.tgz or similar.
(could also be comp28.tgz, I couldn't look it up at the moment as
im sitting in the University and my OpenBSD Box is at home, so every step I
tell you here is from my scratch)

this has to be installed by using:

pkg_add comp.tgz

(you have to be in the directory where comp.tgz lies)

If you have a second cdrom drive you should normally be able to mount this
second drive by:

mount -t cd9660 /dev/cd0b /mnt

Also read man fstab for automatization of this progress.

Hope everything works as I'm also a newbie


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