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Re: Downgrade from -current to 2.9-stable?

On Tue, 29 May 2001, Dave Watson wrote:

> --Greg Thomas <ethant_(_at_)_pacificnet_(_dot_)_net> [010529 10:27]:
> > I'm currently running -current from about a week ago.  I'd like to run
> > something known to be stable and that is easier to maintain with patches
> > or CVS.
> > 
> > When 2.9 comes out would it be possible to run an upgrade install over my
> > -current system?  Does the upgrade preserve /etc and /var, and likewise
> > would I find any incompatabilities between their contents on -current and
> > 2.9?
> It is not possible to go backwards due to library versioning problems.
> You might consider backing up all the appropriate files, install 2.9, and
> then putting the appropriate files from /etc and /var into their place.

Ok, that makes much more sense.  I shouldn't have to worry about any
changes in the format of any files in /etc and /var, right?


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