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I installed openBSD onto a 15 gig hard-drive and pretty much followed the install instructions from the website via a ftp install.

On a df -h command it returns:

Fiilesystem     Size    Used    Avail   Capacity        Mountedon
/dev/wd0a       77M     42M     32M     56%             /
/dev/wd0d       77M     4.0K    74M     0%              /tmp
/dev/wd0e       77M     5.2M    68M     7%              /var
/dev/wd0g       339M    339M  -16.9M    105%            /usr
/dev/wd0h       5.6G    56K     5.2G    0%              /home

As you can see the usr directory is full and I wonder if I can assign more free space to it?

Thanks in advance

Is there a way I can increase the size of the usr directory?

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