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Re: v2.8 on a 486/33 with 8mb - at all possible?

Eric Kuhnke wrote...
> As I don't have a third system I can install OpenBSD on around here, I'll
> try recompiling a custom kernel in VMWare and moving it over via floppy.
> It'll be slow, but should work...  Now the question is, how to replace the
> kernel in single-user mode?  I've never messed around in single-user much,
> but it seems that the whole hard drive is read-only when you boot -s.

It's easy.
Boot single user on your slow  machine.  fsck / and remount
the root filesystem in read/write mode 
(See http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq8.html#8.3 for more detailed instructions)

On the faster machine that you build the kernel on.
create a filesystem on the floppy, mount up the floppy, copy over
the new kernel to the floppy, unmount it.
Stick floppy in slower machine, mount it on /mnt (or whatever) and
cp /mnt/bsd /bsd (maybe save your original kernel first - cp /bsd /bsd.orig)
then reboot and you'll have your new kernel installed.

Good luck.


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