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Re: v2.8 on a 486/33 with 8mb - at all possible?

Eric Kuhnke wrote...
> Before anyone asks, the answer is no, I can't get more RAM for it :(.
> This particular system uses some very odd proprietary RAM that is similar
> to 72-pin ECC Parity 100ns, but not industry standard.  So i'm stuck at
> 8mb.

You may be able to get more RAM for it, it just may not be
cost effective. :)

> Now, when booting, it goes okay (albeit slowly), until it reaches
> "Building ps databases: kvm dev" and then starts swapping.  After about 45
> minutes of swap I've given up rebooted it into single user mode.

I installed OpenBSD onto a co-workers older very slow Thinkpad (don't
remember the model, but it's a 486 something with like 12mb RAM)

> In single user, it boots okay, and I have access to a shell.  Is there any
> way I can recompile a smaller stripped down kernel from single-user?  All
> it needs is NE2000 + 3C509 network support, one serial port, no parallel,
> or any other devices.

COmpiled a new kernel on another box, put it on a floppy and install
that kernel as the default one (thats what we did and it worked just

I also have 2.7 running on a AT&T Globalyst laptop (also very little
ram) which is acting as my Wavelan access point box. 
> www.embsd.org looks like the other option, they've recently released .tgzs
> for v1.0, and I may try that if I can't get this working.

1.1pre2 is out.  The kernel is still 2.1mb, and base11.tgz is around
9mb.  It takes up around 26mb of diskspace installed, a little more
if you install dhcp/ipsec/named/or ppp.

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