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RE: name based hosting

Newbie questions:

Can this be accomplished with the NAT in obsd?

If the MS software can do name-base virutal hosting, why can't obsd?

I think that Apache can also do multiple virutal hosting.

Bryan Lipscy
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On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 05:38:02PM +0000, ronald prins wrote:
> Hi,
> a customer of ours has a number of iis5 websites and a shortage of
> ip-numbers. Between the Net is and these iis boxes is an openbsd 28 box.
> What would be the best option to implement name based hosting? I guess we
> need some kind of tweaked http proxy?

No, the OpenBSD box isn't involved at all here. Even the M$ crap should be
able to do name based virtual hosting.

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