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Re: quick 2.9 FTP-installation question

You aren't looking at OpenBSD 2.9 in the snapshot directory, but OpenBSD
-current, which has new things the developers added since the code freeze
of 2.9.

This means you're thinking of installing os software that is a work in progress
as opposed to a stable release. What is your exposure here? Can you live with
problems if something odd happens? Can you wait 'till another snapshot comes
out for the fix? Remember: the snapshots come out from time to time on an
irregular basis, with no guarantees. It's great to download snapshots and play
with them, because that helps the developers--but conversely, if something is
broken you're likely to have to wait for a fix or go plunging into the source your-
self to fix things.

2.9 is officially out June 1st. I think I'd wait until then for production use, OR tell
all my users that I'm trying something which while probably good might be
broken in some aspects. If you routinely live on the edge this might be perfectly
fine (I do, on my laptop, but not on things normal folks use).

As I understand things the May 15th snapshot is 2.9 + the contents of the
daily change log + whatever other things got changed that didn't make it into
that list.

--STeve Andre'

At 12:31 PM 5/22/01 -0700, you wrote:
Because this is my first time installing OpenBSD NOT from the CDs, and installing a version that's not officially released yet, please let me know if I have this right...

If I do the boot-floppy and FTP installation as described here: http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq4.html

And I download 2.9 *.tgz packages from:

Then what's installed should be a pretty-complete OpenBSD 2.9, right?

(Installing 3 fresh new servers tomorrow, and want to take advantage of the new filesystem in 2.9. Rather start with 2.9 fresh instead of installing 2.8 and upgrading.)


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