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Re: LinkSys PCMPC100

On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 06:45:58AM -0300, Federico Schwindt wrote:
> > No, it's the only card I have.  I built a kernel w/o cbb, only pcic. 
> > After rebooting, the controler was identified as a pcic, not a cbb as
> > before, but the card was still not detected.  I got tired of messing with
> > it and decided to install slackware.  I tried using a home-cooked boot
> > image, but it seemed to just pin and do nothing.  I hit the power button, 
> > then hit it again, and got an error message, got past that and got a 
> > message "Insert Boot Disk".  I was expecting booteasy.  I put in my trusty 
> > Win98 boot disk and did an fdisk /MBR.  I rebooted, and lo and behold, 
> > OpenBSD booted, pcic controller, ne1 at pcmcia0, yeah!  
>   that's pretty weird. does the card work for you?
>   you need to set the media manually.
Yes, it worked, but was slow.  I couldn't get X to work on the 
lcd though.  When I had Linux on it I used the framebuffer driver
to get it to look good.  I heard FreeBSD has an X framebuffer
interface.  I'd really rather use Open tho.


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