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ppp/pppd fails if the peer doesn't tell his address

I try to get working very strange DCE device, which understands PPP
in a way OpenBSD's ppp/pppd do not. The problem is fairly simple: the
bad device doesn't tell his address. It just keeps saying its address
is pppd get confused with this and drops session. ppp fails
on ioctl(SIOCAIFADDR): with "File exists" errno. I guess it tries to
set remote address to and fails (because local IP is normal IP
from C class network).

I believe that the device was designed to work with Windows and may be
Windows' PPP in case the peer does not tells its address assumes it to
be the same as local one, or even does not assume anything, just sets
default route to "Dial-Up Adapter".

Do i need to patch pppd (or ppp) to do the same? Is it allowed by
standards? RFC 1661 (PPP) and RFC 1332 (NCP for IP) do not give
explicit answer...

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