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Re: AbiWord was Re: wordperfect

Thanks for your dscrption of abiword. -- Well, if you're not exactly 
in a hurry, you might ask/ wait for Heikki Korpela <heko_(_at_)_saitti_(_dot_)_net>
who is just struggling with Staroffice 5.2. Staroffice's Word offers
a lot of possibilities you're looking for.

PS: BTW, your email address doesn't resolve too well (from here,
Germany). At least, my isp showed some problems and kept me
waiting for ten minutes (before I interupted -- I pay per minute).

At 18:29 20.05.01 -0700, liam <allenwc_(_at_)_home_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
>Yes, I'm not going to be all that good at figuring out the difference 
>before hand myself. Sigh.
>However, I did try AbiWord this afternoon and it is not exactly what 
>the doctor ordered (no macros or templates) but it is opensource, 
>free, and secure(;o))
>It just works, right out the "box". I like that a lot. It is also 
>fast, simple, clean, and easy to use.
>I'm sure I can mangle something together having access to the source code!
>thanks . . .
>Later . . . 'liam
>William C Allen, BLS, EET