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RE: 2.8 on a Dell Optiplex GX-100 with S3 VIRGE/GX video card

No dice on this end... I installed 2.6 no problem, ran XF86Setup (with only
minor mouse problems), then backed up XF86Config to another machine.  I then
installed 2.8 and copied the config file back over to the machine.  Same
issue.  I'm about ready to start pulling out what little hair I have left.


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From: Alfred Breull [mailto:puma_(_at_)_hannover_(_dot_)_sgh-net_(_dot_)_de]
Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2001 2:44 AM
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Subject: Re: 2.8 on a Dell Optiplex GX-100 with S3 VIRGE/GX video card

I've been running in a similar problem with an S3 VIRGE/MX (in a 
Toshiba notebook, 490TDC) -- problems which hadn't been present
in OpenBSD 2.6's XFree86. Finally, it worked when copying the 2.6
XF86Config on top of the 2.8 or 2.9 versions (in 2.9 with changing
ps/2 to wsmouse etc.). Not exactly an elegant solution, however, 
I'm too unexperienced for looking at the code. 

At 23:03 19.05.01 -0400, Rex Wiederholtz wrote:
>I am running a machine with an onboard Intel i810 video card.  Since
>for X are difficult to find for this card, I've installed an S3 VIRGE/GX.
>The problem I am running into is this:  every time I attempt to run
>XF86Setup, it hangs.  The same thing occurs if I configure using xf86config
>and then run startx.  I've already checked in bios and there is no option
>disable the onboard video (it's either ONBOARD or AUTO).  I have installed
>FreeBSD 4.2/4.3 and several Linux flavors with no problems on systems with
>similar setup.  Anybody have any suggestions?
>Thanks in advance,