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laptop support and zip drive question

hello all,

i am very serious about trying openbsd on my laptop this summer, since i
don't need it for school.  or, i might build a cheap box and experiment
with it.  but i have a few questions first.

Has anyone had success running openbsd as a standalone workstation on a
toshiba 4010-cdt or something similar?  Mine is a Satellite with a P2-266,
160 megs, 4 gigs, and an adequate screen/chipset.  What advantages might i
have over freebsd?  As i said, this is not a server, a cable modem
gateway, or anything like that.  it is just a basic machine i use for the
usual internet work (netscape, links, email, etc) and programming (c, c++,
java, and perl hopefully).

second, i understand that there is no parallel port driver for the iomega
zip/zip plus.  i have done some work on a similar driver before, and i
would be interested in helping out, if i decide to switch.  at what level
would i hook in to the device framework?  are there any docs on this?

thanks in advance,

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