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Re: multi-box config question...

--- "David S." <dgjs_(_at_)_acm_(_dot_)_org>
> wrote:
>Arla/AFS provides access to network files with secure authentication,
>but, as far as I know, doesn't provide any encryption.  That is, AFS
>traffic is as "sniff-able" as NFS traffic.  So if you have sensitive
>information on your network files, you'll probably want somthing like 
>Coda, or IPSEC + (AFS or NFS).
>David S.

I was under the impression that AFS with Kerberos
support built in encrypted its traffic, but I don't
know. The person who would know is Artur Grabowski
and I believe that he is on this list. If he could
enlighten me I would appreciate it. If it doesn't it
sure would be cool if it did.


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