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Re: OpenBSD screenshots

On Sun, May 13, 2001 at 04:13:17PM -0300, rm-r wrote:
> Hi Matthew!
> On Sun, 13 May 2001, Matthew Ostiguy wrote:
> > many times I have seen people recommend *bsd
> > for servers, but recommend Linux for desktop usage. And then the case can be
> > made that advancing a more secure desktop os advances security everywhere. 
> The logic behind your reasoning is perfectly correct.
> But, unfortunately, that's not what *I* think OpenBSD wants.
> Think:
> A person who says *bsd are for servers only shows us that he/she doesn't even
> try to read something on the topic he/she is talking about.

It might be a wide-spread misconception, even from somewhat knowledgeable

More often than not, they tend to infer their favorite applications won't
work on OpenBSD.

More often than not, they look at the ports tree size, and compare it to
other BSDs.

I can't tell you how many times  I've had to hammer the point home, asking
those people what they really want to do ? Asking them what they needed.
And pointing out gimp, gqmpeg, or other applications they felt they needed
(instead of xmms, say).

> And I think we don't want this kind of user to start using OpenBSD.

You're mistaken.

Not everyone wants to become a computer wizard. Not everyone needs to,
anyways.  Some people just need to use their machines. They could also 
benefit from having a secure OS, with little nonsense. Stuff that does what
you want, and not what somebody thought it should do. 
Especially OpenBSD, since we're trying to make it hard to fuck yourself 
when you're a relative beginner... decent setup by default. Understandable
scripts.  Good documentation, including gems such as afterboot(8).

Some of these people may have lots of other talents. Physicists.
Mathematicians. Historians. Writers. Language specialists. They may even 
be smart people who will be seduced by the Dark Power of our Manpages,
and start learning things, asking pertinent questions, sending relevant
bug-reports. Who knows ?

If the buzz is that OpenBSD is only a server-OS, they won't come...

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