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Re: cgengine/pthreads problem

Ah ok. Thanks
I got it working anyway by commenting out the
following defines in src/conf.h:
//#define HAVE_PTHREAD_H 1

It still needs Pth to work though, for some reason but
at least it works.
I'm a bit curious about what the difference is between
My C is far too rusty for these things...

Lars Hansson

--- Heikki Korpela <heko_(_at_)_saitti_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
> On Tue, 8 May 2001, Lars Hansson wrote:
> > Ok, I've figured out some more things here...
> > Apparently I have TWO pthread.h files:
> > /usr/include/pthread.h
> > /usr/local/include/pthread.h
> > The second one is part of the Pth package and has
> the
> > __pthread_connect function I got errors about
> before.
> > Can i safely remove the first one? Or is thar part
> of
> > posix threads or something?
> > Would've been nice if the cfengine docs stated
> that it
> > used Pth and even more nice if it used the right
> > header file...
> The other one is OpenBSD's pthread implementation.
> The other one is
> Pth.
> A fellow user has told me that the pth port is
> broken in such a way that
> he can no longer depend on both system pthread and
> pth (yes, his software
> uses both) when using the port. If he compiles pth
> from source himself,
> everything runs smoothly.
> Of course, he's too lazy to submit a bug report even
> if I have told him
> repeatedly to do it.
> Unfortunately, I am currently too busy to confirm
> this and file a report
> to Brad Smith, the maintainer; possibly he could
> take a look at it.
> I'm CCing Brad in case he has the time, and BCCing
> my friend who has
> the problem hoping that he finally submits a report.
> > Lars Hansson
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>                    Heikki Korpela -- heko_(_at_)_saitti_(_dot_)_net
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