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Re: staroffice 5.2 freezes

On Sun, May 06, 2001 at 12:27:00PM -0400, Simon Lok wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been tracking the various messages going back
> and forth about staroffice working on obsd.  This is
> something that I've been looking forward to, and 
> do appreciate the work that has went into making
> this happen.  I see that many people report success
> with this, so I tried it myself, and got something
> to go, but when I try to use it after I get the
> installation to finish, the program routinely freezes
> and then unfreezes for a few seconds and then freezes
> for thirty seconds over and over again.  i was
> wondering if anybody had any advice for me.   
> Thanks in advance.
I tried 5.2, it does seem to like to hang on OpenBSD. 

Then I installed a StarOffice 5.1a rpm.  It installed and runs
without a hitch.  
# rpm --ignorearch --ignoreos --nodep -i StarOffice51a_en.i586.rpm

Be aware that it wants to install a couple hundred meg into /opt.

I have this in /etc/rc.local as well:

if [ -d /proc ]; then
    mount_procfs -o linux /proc /proc
    echo 'mounted /proc'


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