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Re: netgear FA410TXC

	I found a guy selling 10/100 full-duplex 32-bit PCI Linksys 
EtherFast [LNE100TX] ethernet cards for US$15 including shipping.  
Supports Wake-On-LAN.  stephenm81_(_at_)_hotmail_(_dot_)_com, I don't know Steve's 
last name offhand.  I bought two cards, one is in my OpenBSD box 
now and seems to work just fine;  gave the other to a friend trying 
to set up broadband at home.  I suspect the guy still has some, but 
they're also cheap at buy.com.
	The card was detected and configured, has an IP address via 
DHCP and is happy :-)  If anyone would like to suggest some "tests" 
for benchmarking the card's real performance, I'm game.
	Also:  I figured out how to boot OpenBSD off "any" volume you 
like, using the boot manager which shipped with IBM's OS/2 and with 
Partition Magic v3.03.  Anyone interested?  Where is appropriate 
for such info?
	Take care,

On Monday, May 7, 2001, at 08:03 PM, Dan Millen wrote:

> An inexpensive 10/100 full duplex card that works great on my system
> is the Realtek 8139 (rlx).  You'll probably be able to find it at a
> local computer store for about $19, though it won't be marketed as a
> realtek card.  Ask them to look at the card, and check the chipset.  I
> haven't found a revision of it that doesn't work (I think that I'm
> running 3 different revisions on two different machines).  It's all
> that I'll run, since I know that it works great, and well, the price
> is right if you ask me.
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>> On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 04:19:42PM -0400, Aaron Campbell wrote:
>>> The status on the C revision is that it works in 2.9, but
>> not 2.8. Only
>>> catch being that media autoselection does not work, you
>> must configure the
>>> media manually, i.e., "ifconfig ne3 media 10baseT".
>> mmh...if guess I'll first try to find a 3com...more expensive, but
>> probably gives less stress (Hopefully). Thanks for all the answes.
>> -fkr
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