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Re: New Server

On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 04:03:53PM -0300, Diego Rodrigo Neufert wrote:
> I'm buying a new email server and want to know what's more stable to use with 
> OBSD? 
> I have had bad times with Linux+Athlon. There's anyone running OBSD with 
> Athlon on a production enviroment? 
> What mobo should I buy? 
> Pentium or Athlon?

You can get bad atlon-based machines as you can get bad intel-based
machines. Looking at the hardware athlon tbirds and pIIIs are nearly
equivalent, advantages for athlons. I'd go with them. Spend the savewd money
for quality RAM.
I'm running OpenBSD- (and a few linux-) servers on Athlons from 550MHz up to
1.1 GHz without any problems.

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