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Undefined symbol "_cur_term"

Oh man....

Last night I did a CVS update of 2.9 and a 'make build'.  I did
"cd /usr/src && make clean && rm-rf /usr/obj", after the last build.
I forgot to "mkdir../obj && make obj" on the build this time.
The build ended in the games build.  games/hack to be exact.
I got an error about 'Undefined symbol "_cur_term"'.  Oops, there goes
less, vi, more, etc, etc....
I recleaned /usr/src, did another CVS update with -PAd and redirected
the output to a file.  I didn't find any lines starting with a '?',
but there were some 'U' lines.  I figured I just got in in the middle
of some updates, and that was causing the problem.
Just to make sure I wasn't mucking the build, I went into single user mode
I made the obj stuff and did 'make build' again.  The build errored 
in the games build at games/hack again.  Still no less or more.
Then I rebooted.  Now I can't even log in.  Well, I can log in as root.
So, what do I need to do here.  Should I boot from the cd, delete the
source tree, untar the source from the cd, update and make build again?
Actually, I'm going to do that, but not boot from the cd.
This will take me a while, so if there are any other pitfalls, please
drop me a line.