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Re: files in install tarballs

try running 
$ gunzip comp29.tgz
$ tar -f comp29.tar > comp29.txt

That will print a list of the files that are in it.  If you want a ls
-la style, then add the -v flag (tar -vf blah blah...)

Converting the above command to be used on the other files is left as
an exercise for the reader...;-)

--- Heikki Korpela <heko_(_at_)_saitti_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
> On 1 May 2001, Brian J. Kifiak wrote:
> > > Is there a record somewhere of which of these are installed?
> > I don't know of a list of originally installed packages, no.
> > However, you could possibly make a ``best guess'' of currently
> > installed packages -- assuming that the set lists don't have
> > duplicates; I haven't checked -- by checking for the existance of
> > one of the files in each of the set lists.
> Or, much better, check the existence and md5 checksums of the files
> that are included in a .tgz.
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Peter Hessler
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