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Re: mpg123 weirdness

Marc Espie wrote:
> > cvs -d $CVSROOT up -PAd > ~/logs/src_update 2>&1
> > And then to see what's changed:
> > egrep ^"[U|M]" ~/logs/src_update

I wonder, if there is a command to extract the last ChangeLog
entry for each updated file. I guess I have to reread the cvs(1)
(that's what I'm doing right now).

> About cvs: nothing that prevents you from setting your own repo and
> experimenting with it.

Sure, but I was hoping for few diamonds out of a CVS-tricks grabbag.

When I was writing my thesis, my supervisor was a Linux and C++ expert.
I've learned lot of nifty tricks just by peeking over his shoulder.