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Re: 2.9 snapshots looking good?

At 05:30 -0600 on 4/25/01, Theo de Raadt wrote:
> so how are the 2.9 snapshot builds looking?

The 23 and 28 April 2001 snapshot are nice and smooth on some ASUS
motherboard systems using Tekram SCSI cards.

Still have uhci timeout faults using the 28 April snapshot on a Vaio
z505ls, 15 seconds after waking from 'zzz'.  Disabling any one of uhci,
'211 uhub' or '212 uhub' prevents the crash (obviously at the expense of
any usb devices working).

Also noted an intermittent freeze during cbb detect on the Vaio z505ls when
booting with wavelan card inserted.  Only happened during 2 warm reboots
among 10 warm reboots and 5 cold boots.


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