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Re: disklabel shows only 3600 rpms for my hd

Saad Kadhi <obsidian_(_at_)_noos_(_dot_)_fr> wrote:

> I have recently acquired a 7200rpm IBM IDE harddrive and when using 
> disklabel, the number of rpms displayed (3600) is wrong.

Along with the subsequent fields (interleave, trackskew, ...) this
dates back to the times when FFS used those values to optimize disk
accesses.  Think of MFM and RLL drives, if you remember those.
With modern drives that use zone bit recording, caching, etc, most
of those values that describe the disk have become fictitious.  I
don't think FFS uses them anymore.

> unless this is a normal thing, is there a way to correct this setting ?

It is, and I guess you can change it for cosmetic purposes with
disklabel -e.

Note that for SCSI drives you can use the scsi(8) command to read
the actual rotation speed of the drive from a mode page, e.g.:

# scsi -f /dev/rsd0c -m 4 -P 0

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