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Re: 2.8 NAT

On Fri, Apr 27, 2001 at 05:16:02PM -0400, Derek wrote:

> 1- How do I map from the  external interface to the internal when I
> don't have a IP address?

Use the interface name (dc0) instead of an ip address. See man ipnat for
an example.

> 2- How can I automate the process of updating my external address when
> it get changed by my ISP?

Not needed if you use the interface name.

> 3- do I set the default gateway from the Win 98 client to the tl0 or to
> the ip address of the gateway of my ISP?

To the internal address of the gateway (tl0).

> I've been able to get the external interface, dc0, to see the Internet,
> but the internal client can't seem to get through. I was wondering is I
> can't get the syn-ack from my initial syn or if i just am not getting
> through at all.

If this persists after setting the correct gateway on the workstation,
check ipf and ipnat configuration. You can run tcpdump on both
interfaces of that gateway and see what packets get in/out on them with
what source/destination addresses. That usually helps debugging.