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Re: 2.9 snapshots looking good?

At 07:01 27.04.01 +0200, you wrote:
>Theo de Raadt wrote:
> > so how are the 2.9 snapshot builds looking?

snapshots Apr 25:

__Not__ good anymore in a i386 (SCSI, P3, kbm-ps2 onboard chip in 
a P6VAP-A+ board).

1. Different to the snapshots from Apr 21/22 the current (Apr 25) ones
did not allow anymore to install the base system because of a re-newal
of of the old PS2 mouse kbm problem -- which, this time again, could 
not resolved by 'disable pcibios' (/dev/wsmouse).

2. Also, serial mouse did not config in X 4.0.3 ('xf86cfg -textmode')

I had to switch back to v 2.8.

However, I'll re-install 2.9 snapshots, if needed, and send dmesg.