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Re: 2.9 snapshots looking good?

On 25, Apr, 2001 at 05:30:51AM -0600, Theo de Raadt wrote:
> so how are the 2.9 snapshot builds looking?

Mine has been great, for the last 10 days at least.

But today when I started a cvs update from cron of /usr/src the machine
locked hard (9.40 while at work), I could ping it, but no other contact
was possible (ssh & http).

When I came home it was locked hard, I rebooted and found nothing
whatsoever in the logs, except a big hole when the machine had been

This has been the only problem and I've been extremely happy about the
improvements in the filesystem code, especially softdeps.

X11 has been great too, I like the change to 4.0.3.

I've run OpenBSD since 2.6, and it has been steadily improving, 2.9 will
certainly continue that tradition, judging from what I've seen it will
be a bigger leap than normal, that's awfully nice!

The only thing I've not made work is my printer, but that's certainly
not a feature of OpenBSD but a feature of me! :-)

Thanks guys!

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