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Re: Building a server with a RAID controller

At 19:08 22/04/01 +0100, Ben Summers wrote:
At 12:26 22/04/01 -0500, Jared Solomon wrote:

Do you have the ability to build -current on a different machine and then bring it over to the RAID machine? That would seem like the prudent test to me...

I wish I had more experience beyond that...

[and a lot of other helpful replies]

I'd rather not run current on this server (even noting the comment about the stability of 2.9-beta). I'm building it to give me as little trouble has possible (hence the choice of OpenBSD, which has impressed me a great deal since I started using it for servers and firewalls). And building a bootable floppy/CDROM for installation scares me slightly...

Thanks for the advice on RAID controllers, I shall try to get a ICP-Vortex to replace the AMI, and failing that a 3ware.

Replying to myself, but...

Just to finish off the story, a ICP-Vortex GDT6113RS arrived this morning, and I've just installed OpenBSD without a problem.

It's a lovely controller; really far more impressive than the AMI MegaRAID 500 one I had before, which wasn't supported by 2.8 anyway. Just for fun I pulled a hard disc out. The OS didn't even notice, and it was rebuilt when I reinserted it. Lots of fun games to play.

Thanks for the help and advice.


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